The Road to Freedom (– Counter-Coup)

Sign Language by “Saints & Friends,´´ in the “nick of time.´´Pure Gold;  Bold Original Hope, ie. give Life/God/Country some LOVE back!! . . . We still Hope for you and Believe in humanity’s (lost/challenged now) humanity ! ! ! Because the answer is very simple and friendly : Nice music, nice people, nice cities, nice suburbs. nice trees… and new sensations for all including the innercities dependent class. They are trying to destroy you and what’s left of our natural born decency. But the truth is out and now everyone can see Obama’s treachery, LIVE, in hindsight, in plain sight, with his/her own eyes and ears (not that the Clintons, now the Red Jarrets, Kerries or Ayers were ever any more intelligent or innocents.) That’s the democrat way. Trying also to make saints of themselves without having a clue what they are talking about. The truth, pompous cowards, but! excellent crooks and in for some personal perceived profits. How many laws have been in American History written by these mafiosi? How many betrayals did these half-wits commit against America and the Free World, peace and general welfare and prosperity of/for all…? The Right to Mobility. Not STATISM. Our problems are less economical and much more political and artistical (Lack of.) Bad Politicians! (With Democrats it becomes also economical of course.) As attackers, or! defenders of American values. WE ARE HERE to inspire those old coots in the senate and the party. But they have failed many times over. And we have prepared and signed the divorce papers. We’ll start our own party and we aren’t even in a rush. We’ll be respected overnight we predict. THE SOONER THE BETTER. LIKE ADULTS, not maids & nannies. Full of holes and contradictions in each of their arguments. Solutions and their understanding of events and facts before that, in the first place. It’s socialists, democrats, bullies and slavers who provokes wars.

Just remember that in all your assessments. Our efforts is not to die if It passes. If They sign up for it, de commun accord. Thwart all their secret plans and fantasies before it crystallizes. By talking, challenging, and advertizing the whole thing on air when we get their answers. Their dissertation. Their own damn writing and thoughts on how the world works and should work. Then we will let everyone know and judge for themselves if it was worth the effort and excitement. And why. It’s Ph.D time for each one of you. You are being tested. Are you a true (Classical) Liberal Philosopher or a True THUG, in truth? Why it matters so much. Are you driven by Love (Christianity) or Revenge (Islam/… marxism, of course)? — Sufism is gold but outlawed these days and by the same crooks and ignorant opportunists. Reds in Black. When Blacks in Red would be so much better. Porn addicted. Stuck. Can’t let go. To them the question will be: Are you able to become a true republican? If not, we don’t want to pollute our prisons with your kind plus it’s hellish anyway. Death is sweeter. Plus Hell doesn’t exist for your kind. i.e. So no virgins will be waiting for anyone in Hell! Create Paradise in the here and the now, if you can. Don’t mix one with the other, if you try. You need a shrink. And/Or a joint.

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