★ “You aren’t afraid of the dark, are you?”


@LouReed, Can we call it a MESSAGE TO ALL and be done with it? Anyhoo here it is, for a last time hopefully: tinyurl.com/b27sxtu Details (TWEET # 2293)

ABOUT ME: (MARCH12 2O11) .
At 37, I have found God. Within a year, I (re)discovered both JM BASQUIAT and LOU REED in movies and documentary that changed my life forever. So that it didn’t take me long before I switched from architecture to painting, my forever dream. Circumstances of life and my own persistence/devotion put me quickly in GOD’s apprentice’s shoes. After thanksgiving 1998, my Initiation started: intense period of visions and ecstasy, followed quickly by its opposite, madness. Extra helpers from this world and the spiritual one gave me the material and personal touches without which life and abstraction wouldn’t find any attraction, nor meaning. I was introduced not only to GOD, his world, good and bad, but most importantly, to myself and to my two forever soulmates: JMBASQUIAT and LOU REED. JM lives with me since that day. I feel him, can’t see him, nor hear him. LOU communicates with me in visions, dreams and more. Officially he is hiding from me, not in his songs, musics and lyrics, from his 1992 album up to today. We are on a mission and until we have attained our goals (mainly inspire and maybe get external help), we wont be able to be together. I have sent many pieces of my story on line to few blogs. If one is interested, one can follow the trail and decide for himself. It’s a mystery and like any mystery, there are many clues. I (we) are not hiding. But some efforts must come from the searchers/believers. We need your help. For that, you need to get yourself informed, passionately, humbly. Don’t get fooled by the appearances. LOU — in all his incarnations* [added FEB 2013] — is a magician and he is testing you. Not only me. Have fun.

INDISPENSABLE : www.theboomerbible.com 

ICING ON THE CAKE: The numerous chapters IP has since published at his BLOG. STARTING SUMMER 2009. The life and story of the Punk HEROES. From same RF LAIRD’s Masterpiece: THE BOOMER BIBLE,1991. From its very Beginning and thru the very End.

* And if you wonder why Lou would continue ignoring me, publicly; I will remind you that this was the whole point and strategy (and challenge for us personally). For as long as he and any of his other selves keep ‘playing mute’ if not actually playing ‘devil’s advocate’ (i.e. the famous démonstration par l’absurde, even God’s own role and presence can become fully manifest to all by a quick look at my number of site views or visitors, almost zero, whether in private info or public,) we are being assured safety, at a very high personal cost that is but that’s the Price, Gift, Prize of God’s Kingdom. So I’m okay playing the crazy ‘nobody believes’ or takes seriously, while I, and him, in his various incarnations (see what elsewhere) are spreading our true beliefs, the words, in a manner that surely only true thinkers and true spiritual warriors will detect, connect with and meditate on. A fantastic opportunity for all who care for Love, Truth, Freedom, Justice and Beauty to be part of this same assignment and challenge Lou and I, and later on, his many allies and friends, have accepted and went thru. Yet without the harsh aspects of it/Sacrifices. i.e. We being separated from/dead to each other. Me completely left in the dark, in the uncomfortable position of the guinea pig which more often than not makes me quite angry, in sulking mode for few hours or days, depending on the level of ‘insult/slap,’ — this damn démonstration par l’absurde of ours — but then saved again by this same shared knowledge of ours and my very nature, having few secret weapons at my disposal too (courtesy of God, JMB and Lou — aka, our “Guardian Angels,” that’s a Lou song) to balance things out, keep me strong, alive and confident. Thru Sign Language and much much more: Magic and Love. Nothing I haven’t talked extensively about already. Follow the trail. What will put an end to it is the remaining question. I used to think We The People and Lou’s fans must take a step and declare themselves, gracefully. That’s a lot of work and study to do on their part. But I/we have really made the whole thing easy for anyone who cared to listen. Remember one day Lou will challenge you directly, personally. Be prepared. (Spiritually) lazy and sloppy fans (not just the journalists) bores him to death. Bores *God* to death too (the man, not the structure). Stay light, humorous and always grateful. Be fair and just in your assessments. Without some basic knowledge of many essential truths, you will fail at it and become a failed citizen, husband, friend, lover, father, president. Indoctrinated by the leftist/liberal intelligentsia. Who stole the sacred word liberal from the original true Liberals of America, the FF and made this stealth socialist codeword, while cunningly associating the word Conservative (classical liberals and constitutionalists) with fundamentalism. While it is once again today the Democrat progressive/marxist Left across the globe that comes to the defense of Islam and islamization of Asia, Europe and Africa. Ignoring how illiberal, quite oppressive, those advocating it really are. Iran was the first victim of it and even 9/11 didn’t teach this old crop of politicians led by Barack Obama anything. They are demoralizing/regressing the entire world, including America herself. Back to the Middle Ages (and Serfdom); even if High Tech and Big Money; and a WW in the making. Just in time when the next republican is elected to take all the blame. Unless Voter Fraud and the recent Coup d’Etat by the democrat machine has guaranteed the reign of the progressives for quite a while. This time a Leading from Behind Hitler wannabe in Ghandi’s garb is operating from inside the good old USA. Well that’s the plan in plain sight. But too many are too dumb to notice. They love to believe how smart and well-spoken and so admired and fancy they are. Superior to the backwards Right anyway and Tea Partiers in particular. We shall see how successful they will be at the end. Our plan is to thwart each and every one of their conspiracies before they come to full destruction. By the power of our words and actions/personal lives. We just need to reveal to the entire world what has been kept secret. The bulk of our efforts and sacrifices is behind us. Now the fun will truly begin. Tales after tales after tales. All true. Liberating and hilarious. Can’t wait for those coming days myself. Anyone part of the self-proclaimed elite class will get a personal note and challenge and none will be able to escape this time. It will be part of the global conversation. The best answers will win them (more likely lose, it will be a fair fight) the House (Face.)  [started/added June 12 2013.]

My morning Tai Chi practice with Master Ren Guang-yi. www.renguangyi.com/  fb.me/2GxnnjTFM 

“J.R.Dunn: The Sheep Look Up´´ ~ tinyurl.com/mklcf42  + “R.F.Laird: Da Nil´´ ~ tinyurl.com/mj922hp 

Why is ending the IRS unthinkable? pjmedia.com/richardfernandez/2013/06/14/the-indispensibles/ …

Obama is Abrading the Social Fabric bit.ly/19Fgi7L 

Time for a rerun: Johnny Dodge & the 440s.

How Democracies Perish, Deathbed Edition bit.ly/15eV4qq 

Television and Political Correctness’ Safe Harbor for the Stupid bit.ly/19OvZJP 

Hi @HillaryClinton, nice shades, grandma! By the way, I wrote this about you. dailycaller.com/2013/06/18/hillary-clinton-alex-jones-in-a-pantsuit/ 

RogerLSimon: Living in Fear: Welcome to Fascist America j.mp/16I4XjO :
“★ “You aren’t afraid of the dark, are you?” tinyurl.com/ounlyzb. We have already won this battle. We just need to make sure everybody knows what’s happening…”

Leftus Ignoramus bit.ly/16Io25b 

 “IN OTHER WORDS . . . ´´

“Time for Punks´´~ tinyurl.com/q5qkjgg — R.F. Laird [Mother of All . . .]

Another delightful refresher: Why You Have Never Heard of Punk Writing

. . .“The Island´´~ tinyurl.com/oabzh2e — R.F. Laird

Lou Reed: NSA scandal is ‘very disturbing’ bit.ly/19UR8Ce  fb.me/2wAcblbHK 

Aren’t you starting to get tired of the whole circus? Yesterday and today, for the first time since Nov. 8, I tried to watch Fox again. I didn’t last long. Don’t have the patience anymore. Everyone is pretending everything is okay because what else are they supposed to do or say? The game is rigged. Nobody has the balls or clarity and/or appeal to put a stop to this utter madness and overt national and international theft by the political class. Progressive policies are the root causes of all the ills of society. And the Republicans are too dumb to notice or know of a better plan. So the circus continues. I for one have jumped ship for some time now. At this point, I count only on my God to save me. Because despite all I know about the state of affairs of the world today, I haven’t exactly prepared for the worst case scenario. Just not in my nature. That’s one sure reason why I couldn’t become a leftist or a socialist, in favor of SS and Healthcare and all the things some want planned and organized in advance for them thru the power of the state. I go with the flow and always wait for miracles to save my ass at the opportune moment. It’s called Faith. And I always include in my salvation the members of my immediate family that are in a worst spot than I am by their own making.

So it’s nobody’s fault really. It’s just life in Orwellian USA. Three and a half more years of it for sure and maybe much much more if something drastic doesn’t happen before. We are toast. Don’t get fooled by the laughs on TV. I believe we need to start a third party right now. I’m reading the “Road to Serfdom” presently. Gives me hope. All the answers already exist. We just need the right strategy to get people’s (self-)interest and full support. J’ai toujours pensé que c’était dans la poche from the git-go. What’s not to like when you think about it, provided it isn’t false. Which it isn’t. Our luck. (JUNE 21)

Official Obama Policy: Leaking Run-of-the-Mill Non-Classified Information Is the Equivalent of Treason and Espionage bit.ly/19YYLHP 

@dolari: @suzyv – Any particular deck you use? Mine’s this one from @RobinWoodrobinwood.com/Catalog/Prints/PrintPages/RWTPrints.html …” the classic Rider-Waite   View conversation

This is where I am now back in NYC happy first day of summer pic.twitter.com/5O0E31iN1n [“. . . A hippo!” you can say. “Close enough!” I can see.]

With Robert Quine, The Bottom Line, NYC, 1983 bit.ly/16mqzkK  fb.me/1UlXjuUvI 

AoSHQ ‏@AoSHQ : “Evening Zero Content Open Thread´´ — OregonMuse  bit.ly/14fS3XO  pic.twitter.com/OQC1Kdhy4g
[Orwellian, not Warholian.]

Fear and Loathing at the Netroots Conventions bit.ly/133WKqV 

Hillary Clinton Converts to Islam to Run for President j.mp/17mQMAV 

Republican Party Won’t Survive Amnesty Bill and Neither will America bit.ly/1391nAb 


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