LET’S BOYCOTT ALL TV NEWS, FOX INCLUDED! SHOUTING AND GRANDSTANDING AIN’T WORTHY OF RESPECT. Fair and Balanced isn’t the right approach at this point. It’s time and energy consuming. Unless that’s all you’re after. Kill the time. Me? I can’t watch my once favorite TV anchors any longer. Disappointed, I’ve been. Maybe the reason is that America is deep into Orwellian tyranny and that’s the best one can achieve but the other option is to fire all moderate and less moderate liberals and hire high-minded, highly courageous citizen journalists with one goal in mind: SAVE THE REPUBLIC AND BECOME A TRULY EXCEPTIONAL, INDEPENDENT, FREE/MASTERFUL AVANT-GARDE NEWS ORGANIZATION. It’s American Revolution time. And listening to absolutist one-liners/statements is an absolute bore; time to cherish, develop and unleash your inner Jesus. Act like a man, talk like a man, think like a man. Not ego or agenda, safety nor money(/sensationalism)-driven. Always grounded, and always on the side of the truth, the complete truth (History, Philosophy… ) in all its subtleties.  Fair, Light & Transcendent.

. . . “Thomas Sowell: the early years´´~ neoneocon.com/?p=29664

OF COURSE, the profound reason I don’t watch the news is because I AM HEAT SENSITIVE. And witnessing daily the submission of potentially brave journalists to the Dark Force of the Empire is really depressing. Unless it’s self-inflicted. Our best hope today are the Egyptian people. Plus one simple and significant Law: Proselytising (Mosques) and Maiming/Killing in the name of JIHAD/perverse morality is Capital Punishment across the board. Meaning in any Islam-induced countries, to save the day, one soul at a time. And Political Islam (i.e. Parties) is Banned-For-Good; It’s not spiritual, it’s not nice or fair, and it’s not Divine; don’t you know? Of course we always hated National-Socialists of any stripe. Forward or backwards.

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  1. American Thinker ‏@AmericanThinker26m

    Well, If it Worked in Egypt… bit.ly/1bcbKXt 

  2. AcidPOP ‏@AcidPOPArtist12m

    Dangerous Times: When America Supports Evil bit.ly/13Wnkmi ; Snowden, J. Edgar Hoover & Compromising Secrets bit.ly/13bzKk0 

  3. AcidPOP ‏@AcidPOPArtist50m

    RL: “Kangaroo court jumping shark´´ tinyurl.com/o54j3n2 ; “Two Victims (not counting us)´´ tinyurl.com/p8lv8f4 

  4. Lou Reed ‏@LouReed21h

    Heat Sensitive fb.me/JcjDZF42 

  5. AcidPOP ‏@AcidPOPArtist12 Jul

    tinyurl.com/phmjxuv , . . . (For Mr Dunn, who hates the disco days/years/era I’m told. But there must be few exceptions I’m sure.)

  6. AcidPOP ‏@AcidPOPArtist12 Jul

    tinyurl.com/ptwoh98 , J.R.Dunn: “Conservatives and Snowden´´ bit.ly/1anEBZd ; R.F.Laird: “Erick the Smug´´ tinyurl.com/kcs8jpx 

  7. Lou Reed ‏@LouReed10 Jul

    The Lou Reed Drive-In http://fb.me/PkWlT3zn 

     Retweeted by AcidPOP


  8. AcidPOP ‏@AcidPOPArtist9 Jul

    http://tinyurl.com/nonemeo  . . RFLaird: “Screw you, you “liberals.”´´ http://tinyurl.com/pymxjb2  + “Sixteen Years´´ http://tinyurl.com/pem29nh  — Lake

  9. Lou Reed ‏@LouReed8 Jul

    24 frames per second http://fb.me/1KF6lXSPN 

  10. PJ Media ‏@PJMedia_com7 Jul

    McCain: Now That the Muslim Bros are Deposed, We Should Suspend US Aid to Egypt http://bit.ly/16gzTVr  #PJTatler

  11. Mick Jagger ‏@MickJagger7 Jul

    What a great audience at last night’s show, & such a beautiful sunset. All the best to Andy Murray for today’s match #wimbledonfinal


    American Thinker ‏@AmericanThinker7 Jul
  12. White House Down: Obama Version http://bit.ly/1ac9dNm 
  13. Kerry, White House Try to Beat Back Belief That They’re Rooting for Muslim Brotherhood http://bit.ly/16fvwtY  #PJTatler

  14. AcidPOP ‏@AcidPOPArtist7 Jul

    Tutto bene, http://tinyurl.com/k3nlolx  . . RFLaird: “Get behind the times (if you want to pretend you’re still alive)´´~ http://tinyurl.com/mtd458v 

  15. AoSHQ ‏@AoSHQ6 Jul

    Jay-Z Android app hacked to display anti-Obama messages on 4th of July bit.ly/16dQM39 

  16. AcidPOP ‏@AcidPOPArtist6 Jul

    “Obama’s Middle East and foreign policy blunders: are they blunders at all?´´ neoneocon.com/?p=29535 

  17. AcidPOP ‏@AcidPOPArtist6 Jul

    “I grow old, I grow old,…´´ neoneocon.com/?p=29565 

  18. AcidPOP ‏@AcidPOPArtist6 Jul

    Since today and for the first time in my life the hot water that comes out of the pipes is sandy/foamy, tastes/looks like sea water. WTF!

  19. Lou Reed ‏@LouReed6 Jul

    Lou Reed & Metallica – Junior Dad (Live in Germany) goo.gl/jZHkA  fb.me/GXlQ2hgf 

  20. American Thinker ‏@AmericanThinker6 Jul

    Mandate Delay Shames Roberts, Krauthammer, and Will bit.ly/150TIAE 

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  21. Lou Reed ‏@LouReed5 Jul

    Waltzing Matilda / Made In Japan bit.ly/16Twhe8  fb.me/2ttiwj0qm 

  22. AcidPOP ‏@AcidPOPArtist5 Jul

    The question is is are we better than Lincoln and are loopholes more available than we can save our honor without sacrificing our own sons?

  23. AcidPOP ‏@AcidPOPArtist5 Jul

    “Are we good?” youtube.com/watch?v=3y11EHQAGhU&list=PLFE6E9162FE446BFF …

  24. AcidPOP ‏@AcidPOPArtist5 Jul

    The Civil War was an attempt at ridding the country from KKK/Progs/Democrats once again. Lincoln Assassination meant WE ALL LOST. HIJACKED.

  25. American Thinker ‏@AmericanThinker5 Jul

    Pelosi’s ‘Dependence Day’ Pitch bit.ly/17QhxOn 

  26. American Thinker ‏@AmericanThinker5 Jul

    Civil Liberties and the Civil War http://bit.ly/14WIi0R 

  27. American Thinker ‏@AmericanThinker5 Jul

    An Awesome Precedent bit.ly/17R0prM 

  28. AcidPOP ‏@AcidPOPArtist5 Jul

    It’s maid day and maid time for me right now. Last day Real Paradise. Unless I travel myself. It depends on how much I will crave 4 this HÂL

  29. AcidPOP ‏@AcidPOPArtist5 Jul

    Upgrated. I had one visitor since last proclamation. . . (STRONG/SUBTLE “Démonstration par l’Absurde´´) sallysaidlou.wordpress.com/2013/07/04/the-road-to-freedom-counter-coup/ 

  30. AcidPOP ‏@AcidPOPArtist4 Jul

    Me, with you: “The Road to Freedom (Counter-Coup)´´ est arrivé / IS OUT! tinyurl.com/pgfwzoe 

  31. AcidPOP ‏@AcidPOPArtist4 Jul

    BC: “Who Lost the Middle East?´´ [Thank God, Obama?] pjmedia.com/richardfernandez/2013/07/04/who-lost-the-middle-east/ @wretchardthecat



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