The Day of Reckoning

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526891_10151565982900953_323119916_n About my Clint Eastwood dream. Sunday morning it was. So he was occupying my brothers’ bedroom turned “Bed and Breakfast”. He was in a light mood and at ease doing his own thing. At some point I see him go to the bathroom and take a bath with his clothes on and laughing. Like a real cowboy. Later he went to the kitchen and made an expresso using the traditional *moka* device (Richard Fernandez’s *Stovetop Espresso* that is I read later in the day) but on the electric cooker which turned out messy. So I offered him to get a nespresso instead but I myself had hard time choosing the right button. But it was all in good spirit. Before I went to the kitchen, I was in my bedroom thinking about the prospect of having Clint Eastwood this close and accessible, a gift from God, what great reward to meet him and tell him in person about my search for Lou and the whole shebang… During the previous days, I had seen him (twice) on Fox and Friends, in great shape and look: trimmed beard + fancy cowboy satinlike suit. What the picture lacked was the legendary thin cigar, as seen on my famous by now **American Flag** painting — photo below; look around. As so often in my dreams, it stops right before I can reach the finish line but the message is unequivocal and worth some bragging. I even dreamt of Glenn Greenwald few nights ago. And although I didn’t remember the details, I thought maybe God want me to know that he is or he could become a friend and ally. Better that way.

THE TWEETS (first comes first since previous post:)

AcidPOP @AcidPOPArtist · Jun 14

Treacherous in plain sight or simply inept and corrupt to the core? Which is worse?

“I first met Jimmy Scott through the remarkable songwriter Doc Pomus. I’d heard about him for many years. At the…

AcidPOP @AcidPOPArtist · Jun 17

RL : MSM, Obama, Hillary, acting, etc.

AcidPOP @AcidPOPArtist · Jun 17

RL: Hillary Inevitable?

AcidPOP @AcidPOPArtist · Jun 18
AcidPOP @AcidPOPArtist · Jun 18


AcidPOP @AcidPOPArtist · Jun 19
AcidPOP @AcidPOPArtist · Jun 20

RL: Simple Email Facts

AcidPOP @AcidPOPArtist · Jun 23

Sunday morning I had Clint Eastwood!! as my happy Bed & Breakfast new visitor. Sweet!! Details later.

AcidPOP @AcidPOPArtist · Jun 23

BC: Stovetop Espresso

AcidPOP @AcidPOPArtist · Jun 25
AcidPOP @AcidPOPArtist · Jun 25
AcidPOP @AcidPOPArtist · 23h
AcidPOP @AcidPOPArtist · 21h
AcidPOP @AcidPOPArtist · 21h

MY FAMOUS AMERICAN FLAG PAINTING – A Lou Reed & Jean Michel Basquiat Portrait in Yankee uniform,-

 BONUS – Pinned Tweet:
AcidPOP @AcidPOPArtist · Jun 9

INSTAPUNK RULES: Tithe to your nation


WaPo Rains on Rolling Stones Parade in Tel Aviv

When it comes to the Constitution, let’s go with the spirit of the Foundering Fathers.

New York Times Editorial Board: Republican Psychopaths are Smearing Bowe Bergdahl

Baron_Von_Meow @AceofSpadesHQ · Jun 7

Obama’s gum-smackin’ at called purrr-ile

Jim Dine, “Doughnut,” from “Ten Useful Objects Which No One Should Be Without….”

American Nazi gives Hitler Salute from Rose Garden

The Preventable Tragedy of Energy Poverty

It’s Personal: Confronting the Academy’s Leftism

Hillary Clinton: I Know What It’s Like To Scrimp And Save When You’re Down To Your Last 20 Million Dollars

My Latest ‘Fiction as Truth’I discuss how the Obama admin does what it wishes, then says what it pleases

WaPo Columnist Ruth Marcus Angrily Denounces Free Beacon’s “WalkerGate” Scoop

I can’t imagine anything more boring than reading a ghost-written book by .

More boring: one written *by* her. RT I can’t imagine anything more boring than reading a ghost-written book by

Hillary’s $200k corporate speeches are “capitalism”? Okaaaay. So what exactly is she selling?

Bobby @bfinstock · Jun 10

“I didn’t screw up, the people I hired screwed up so its their fault not mine. Understand?” –

Barnhardt on the Obama Regime – A.) The Obama regime is the explicit, sworn enemy of the former United…

Hillary: Concerns About Benghazi Are “Minor League,” a “Distraction”

Let’s trade 5 White House communists for one marine.

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