The new factory @ Little Pop Art ©

# Seven: The new factory @ Little Pop Art ©

Gold Marilyn, 1962 001

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  1. AcidPOP ‏@AcidPOPArtist52s

    BC: Ted Cruz: A Toe in the Waters of Defiance ; The Logic of the Alamo ;

  2. AoSHQ ‏@AoSHQ2h

    Bubble Boys: Most Republicans Vote For Cloture, Joining 100% United Democratic Caucus 

    AoSHQ ‏@AoSHQ2h
  3. Nairobi Westgate Terror Attack Demonstrates New Level in Cultural Psychopathy 
  4. Senator Ted Cruz ‏@SenTedCruz5h

    Voting for cloture today would be voting to allow Harry Reid to fund Obamacare #DefundObamacare #MakeDCListen

  5. AcidPOP ‏@AcidPOPArtist56m

    Glenn Beck Asks If Harry Reid Had A Stroke, Is Senile, Or Has Alzheimer’sGlenn Beck Interviews Mark Levin About His New Book ‘The Liberty Amendments’; R.F.Laird: Bataan Death March; Cold Calculus;

  6. AcidPOP ‏@AcidPOPArtist5h

    Obama’s ‘Fake’ Twitter Followers Explained ; 

  7. AcidPOP ‏@AcidPOPArtist6h

    John McCain to Republicans, ; P.S. sex jihad + western disbelief,  ; 

  8. AcidPOP ‏@AcidPOPArtist25 Sep; ;

  9. AcidPOP ‏@AcidPOPArtist22 Sep

    @LouReed, @ Little Pop Art ;; my last tweet, I swear. I’ll do my best. See you!

  10. AcidPOP ‏@AcidPOPArtist18 Sep

    Sophia Loren: Tu vuo fa l’Americano; The Proposition

  11. AcidPOP ‏@AcidPOPArtist18 Sep

    ; ; ;

  12. AcidPOP ‏@AcidPOPArtist18 Sep 

  13. AoSHQ ‏@AoSHQ17 Sep

    This Is Officially Just Steal From Hot Air Day Open Thread 

  14. The_One_Who_Brings ‏@AceofSpadesHQ17 Sep

    @Kasparov63 you’re kidding me. Wow. Well.

  15. AcidPOP ‏@AcidPOPArtist17 Sep

    @LouReed: Under Construction; since 1999, Total Collapse (for me); A prescient Book exists that Tells our Story, The Boomer Bible, in 1991.

  16. American Thinker ‏@AmericanThinker15 Sep

    J.R. Dunn, multimedia hero 

  17. AcidPOP ‏@AcidPOPArtist15 Sep

    @LouReed . . . me:

  18. AcidPOP ‏@AcidPOPArtist15 Sep

    Yes and no. My preference? @LouReed & JM Basquiat. But that’s old news by now. And then there’s me.

  19. Lou Reed ‏@LouReed14 Sep


  20. Bonsound Concerts ‏@BonsoundConcert14 Sep

    Un souvenir du Q & A avec @lurie_john au Centre Phi / A souvenir from the Q & A with John Lurie @phicentre …

  21. AoSHQ ‏@AoSHQ14 Sep

    Foul-Mouthed Semi-Nude Hippie With Apparent Strip-Club Addiction Proclaims He Represents the Real People of Mi… 

  22. The_One_Who_Brings ‏@AceofSpadesHQ14 Sep

    Media to Obama: For which Random Whim shall we praise you this day, Your Worship?

  23. American Thinker ‏@AmericanThinker13 Sep

    Teachers Union Decertified in Wisconsin 

  24. American Thinker ‏@AmericanThinker13 Sep

    Close Reading Is Close to a Con 

  25. American Thinker ‏@AmericanThinker13 Sep

    ‘Obama wants your sexual history’ 

  26. The_One_Who_Brings ‏@AceofSpadesHQ11 Sep

    “Despite the scandal-mad media, I still got my message of fighting for the Middle Class out,” said Anthony Weiner, masturbating.

  27. Lou Reed ‏@LouReed12 Sep


  28. AcidPOP ‏@AcidPOPArtist12 Sep ; ; : …

  29. AcidPOP ‏@AcidPOPArtist12 Sep

    “Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going´´ ;

  30. Frank Gaffney ‏@frankgaffney12 Sep

    What the MB has in mind for us all:  and  Remind me why Obama wants to empower and support them?

  31. The_One_Who_Brings ‏@AceofSpadesHQ11 Sep

    TrOTUS: Obama, the Master Diplomat, Trolls the People Whose Support He’s Asking For …

  32. Suzanne Vega ‏@suzyv11 Sep

    Road Beyond This One (Horizon):  via @youtube a very brand new song. more about this later…!!

    John Lurie ‏@lurie_john11 Sep
  33. Still life with disappearing snake.
  34. AcidPOP ‏@AcidPOPArtist11 Sep

    @LouReed, Hi, if I may, …

  35. Lou Reed ‏@LouReed10 Sep

    Lou, and Ronnie 

  36. Lou Reed ‏@LouReed10 Sep

    I posted 4 photos on Facebook in the album “GQ Men of the Year Awards 2013” 

  37. John Lurie ‏@lurie_john10 Sep

    I have read all the tweets on here and I think you are all just wonderful people. I hope to meet everyone some day!

  38. AcidPOP ‏@AcidPOPArtist10 Sep ….com/2013/09/09/serendicity-the-idiot-savant/ …; …; …………;;;;;

  39. Lou Reed ‏@LouReed9 Sep

    Vicious (Live) 

  40. From @RogerLSimon: Going to War with the Blind General of Benghazi (An Apology) 

  41. American Thinker ‏@AmericanThinker9 Sep

    Why Obama is Floundering 

  42. American Thinker ‏@AmericanThinker9 Sep

    Obama and Syria: Words versus Deeds 

  43. American Thinker ‏@AmericanThinker9 Sep

    Obama’s Pending Attack in Light of 9/11 

  44. The_One_Who_Brings ‏@AceofSpadesHQ8 Sep

    Ne oublions jamais La Classe Moyenne

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